Features of JINPAT Industry Robot Slip Rings

With the development of industrial automation, industrial robots can be seen everywhere. Robots replaces human labor in positions that are with high labor intensity and harsh working environment. Industrial robots are widely used in vehicle manufacturing industry, electric appliance production and construction machinery industry, etc. With a rising demands of industrial robots, there is also increasing demands of slip rings, the key component of a robot.

To resemble human movements, there are joints to allow different parts of a robot to move in a relatively flexible way. Meantime, aside from movement, signals and power should be allowed to transmit between the stationary part and rotary part. Slip rings are indispensable components. And with growing technology of the AIs, there are also higher requirements of the rotary joints.

JINPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT is specialized in developing, producing and selling slip rings, rotary joints, rotary unions and custom hybrid solutions. As for robotic slip rings, JINPAT also has many practical and well-received solutions.

JINPAT capsule slip rings and super miniature slip rings are compact size slip rings that fit for high precision industrial robots. These mini slip ring can serve electromechanical system with limited space. JINPAT LPC and LPMS slip rings feature super low electrical noise, long service life and smooth rotation.
As for industrial robots that handle heavy task, JINPAT through bore slip ring and
JINPAT large current slip ring are two referential prototypes. LPT080-0220-05S-01A and LPT000-1610-2E2-1A are two applied solutions. JINPAT industrial slip rings can transmit multiple signals such as Ethernet, USB, bus, CANBUS, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge, thermocouple and HDMI high-definition video, etc. Custom solutions can be made with integrated fiber optic rotary joint or with hydraulic/pneumatic rotary unions.

JINPAT industry robot slip rings are applied in vehicle welding robots, assembling robots, transport robots and testing robots, etc. Our slip rings have received favorable feedback from the clients. With excellent performance and endurable service life, JINPAT industry robot slip ring is a perfect choice for your application. Send us an inquiry now!