Virtual reality (VR for short) is a three dimensional space by using computer simulation of the virtual world, to provide users of visual, auditory tactile senses such as simulation, let users as immersive, can in a timely manner, there is no limit to observe three-dimensional space within 15, the application of conductive slip ring are mainly concentrated on VR headsets, Integrated virtual helmet, smart phone, VR glasses, VR treadmill, virtual game seat and other virtual reality all-round movement platform, solve the device in the process of use due to the rotation and winding problem limited rotation Angle, ensure the smooth transmission of signals, to create unprecedented excellent user experience

The existing head-mounted virtual reality display adopts the way of connecting wire directly with PC, TV or other multimedia devices, which will inevitably limit the rotation Angle due to the problems of turning and winding, reducing the experience effect. In order to ensure the completion of data transmission under 360° uninterruptable high-speed rotation, and to ensure the integrity of data, transmission speed,
JINPAT designed a number of INTEGRATED HDMI, USB, DC power supply, amplifier signal integrated VR slip ring. VR slide ring HD video transmission capacity can reach 2160X1080P@90HZ no error signal, and high-definition signal and USB signal do not interfere with each other to ensure signal lossless transmission.
This solution allows users to turn 360° without limit when using the virtual reality head-mounted display, greatly improving the user experience.
Typical product models are LPC-0104-0402-HD01-U2, LPT000-0204-0202-03S-HD01-02U2, which have been successfully applied to HTC Vive Vive helmet, virtual gaming chair, running game console, etc.

Main features and advantages:

1. can transmit HDMI HD video signal at the same time, transmission USB3.0 signal, power and ordinary signal
2. the product is light in quality and compact in structure, which reduces the weight of VR equipment and reduces the installation space
3. adopt precious metal contact material, aluminum alloy as external material, protection grade reaches IP65
4. super long life, up to 10 million RPM
5. the length of wire can be customized, and waterproof, pressure resistance, shock resistance
6.ready-made built-in connector, high transmission rate