JINPAT Through-Hole Ethernet Signal Slip Ring

Within JINPAT slip ring product line, the through-hole slip ring is a strategic product widely applied in various large-scale equipment. With the popularization of automation and electromechanical integration in industries, common computer signals such as USB and Ethernet have long been integrated into slip rings. However, due to the limitations of the through-hole structure, signals like USB 3.0, HDMI, and DP cannot be transmitted through this type of slip ring. In contrast, Ethernet signals, with their unique signal characteristics, are more commonly found in through-hole slip rings. As a well-established slip ring manufacturer with over20 years of industry experience, JINPAT has customized nearly a thousand through-hole Ethernet signal slip rings for customers.


JINPAT demonstrates exceptional technical capabilities in the field of Ethernet signal slip rings, particularly in terms of the maximum supported aperture. In through-hole slip rings, the transmissionof signals is closely related to the size of the through-hole. Currently,JINPAT 100 Mbps Ethernet slip rings can achieve transmission within a maximum300 mm aperture, while their 1 Gbps Ethernet slip rings can transmit within a maximum 180 mm aperture. As JINPAT continues to improve its products and technologies, these figures are expected to be further surpassed in the future,resulting in even larger apertures for through-hole Ethernet signal slip rings.


JINPAT delivers a large number of Ethernet signal slip rings every month. Among these products, apart from capsule Ethernet slip rings specifically developed for monitoring devices, the majority consists of hollow shaft series Ethernet slip rings. For instance, the latest product introduced, LPT038-02E3, is a through-hole slip ring without a powerring, integrating only two channels of 1 Gbps Ethernet signals. JINPAT also offers other newly developed through-hole Ethernet signal integrated slip ring models, including LPT045-0410-04S-01E3, LPT030-0505-04S-01E3,LPT050-0405-01PE-01E3, LPT130-0812-08S-E2-02E3, and more.

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