Entertainment Equipment Slip Rings

Entertainment Equipment Slip Rings

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Number of circuits:53CKT

Current rating:14×500A+12×50A+9× 2A+2×Gigabit Ethernet

Insulation resistance:≥500MΩ@1000VDC ≥100MΩ@300VDC (signal)


LPA000-14500-1250-0902-02E3 – Dynamic 5D Cinema


1、Built-in ventilation system, low temperature rise.

2、Uses imported graphite brush

3、Precise rotation angle, excellent transmission performance, smooth and reliable operation.


1、Simultaneous rotation transmission of high power and signals.

2、Independent module design to avoid interference.

3、Multi-channel for large currents, external height up to 2.3m, module assembly

Electrical & Electronics Mechanical Environmental conditions
Number of circuits 53CKT Rotation speed 0~15rpm Temperature -10°C~+80°C
Current 14×500A+12×50A+9×

2A+2×Gigabit Ethernet

Contact material Precious metal/


Humidity ≤85%RH
Voltage 380VAC Housing material Q235 Protection class IP51
Dielectric strength ≥1500VAC@50Hz



Wire type 95/25mm² rubber wire/

AWG26# Teflon/

Ethernet cable

Insulation resistance ≥500MΩ@1000VDC



Length of the cable / Lifetime Can be customized

Outline drawings