Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

Number of circuits:1~50(optional)

Wavelength range “650-1650nm ( customized)

Insertion loss:Single channel<2dB Multi-channel<5dB

Insertion loss ripple:Single channel<0.5dB Multi-channel<2dB

Return loss:>40dB

The fiber optic rotary connector uses fiber optic as the medium and provides the best technical solution for data transmission. It is especially suitable for devices that require unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation and transmit a large capacity of data and signals from the stationary position to the rotating position. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to optical fibers due to the rotation of moving joints. The fiber optic rotary joint can be used together with a conventional electric slip ring to form a hybrid photoelectric slip ring for transmitting power and high-speed data.


◎No contact and no friction, long service life, up to 10 million revolutions per minute (more than 100 million revolutions per minute for the signal channel).

◎Can be combined with multiple signals, such as video signal, serial signal, Ethernet signal, etc.

◎Use optical fiber to transmit information, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference; can transmit tens of hundreds of kilometers of network applications over long distances.

The transmission bandwidth is much larger than the electrical connector, and can be used with the wavelength multiplexer to double the bandwidth.

◎Small volume and light weight, which can be easily integrated into the electrical slip ring, and easy to upgrade and change the system.

◎The world’s smallest single-channel fiber optic rotary feedthrough, as well as two-channel, four-channel, ten-channel or even more channels for your choice.

Integrated photoelectric rotary feedthrough ◎Performance characteristics

Typical application


◎Material conveying system

◎Rotatable turret on the vehicle

◎Remote controlled system

◎Radar system

◎Offshore and marine system

◎High-speed video, digital, analog signal transmission and control of fiber optic sensor turntable.

◎Medical system

◎Video surveillance system

◎National or international security system

◎Underwater operating systems