High Frequency Slip Rings

Number of circuits:1/2/3/4(Optiongal)

Insertion loss:max 0.25dB(minimum)

Frequency range:1CH:≤50GHz 2CH:≤18GHz



Peak power,max:10KW(Maximum).

The high frequency rotary transformer is used in constant rotating equipment. It transmits high frequency signals and high speed signals from stationary part to rotating part. This rotary joint is capable of transmitting analog signals and high-speed digital signals with frequencies of 500MHz-50GHz. It is compact in structure, stable in performance with good shielding effect and low interference. Besides, the high frequency slip ring can be easily installed in other applications. This series consists of a high frequency slip ring and a high frequency hybrid electric slip ring


◎ Up to 4 circuits (model with more circuits is customizable).

◎ Frequency up to 50GHz

◎ Compact design with low interference

◎ Transmit multiple signals simultaneously

◎ Very low insertion loss and transmission fluctuations

◎ Durable and maintenance-free


◎ Radar antenna, military system equipment.

◎ HD network video surveillance system

◎ Satellite communication system

◎ Medical treatment device

◎ Air traffic control and missile defense system