LPA130-031000-01PE-50S-Large Volume Series Slip ring

LPA130-031000-01PE-50S-Large Volume Series Slip ring

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Number of Circuits 54CKT

Voltage 690VAC/220VAC/24VDC


This is JINPAT’s latest slip ring for podded propeller. This custom slip ring allows integrated transmission of power, signals, liquid and gas.

With case design and special housing, the slip ring demonstrates fine resistance against salt spray, oil mist and corrosion, etc. Therefore,

JINPAT podded propeller slip ring is able to provide reliable and stable service to the podded propeller under complex applied environment.

Electronic & Electruc Mechanical
Circuits Total 54CKT Working Speed 0~2RPM
Detail 5*1000A+1*PE+50*signal A hole diameter /
Rating Voltage 690VAC/220VAC/24VDC Contact Material High-end Copper Graphite/

Precious Metal

Dielectric Strength 2500VAC@50Hz(P)
Housing Q235 Spray Coating(Color to be determined)
Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ@1000VDC(P)


installation Vertical Installation
Environment Remarks
Working Temperature -20°C~+45°C Application Ship Podded Propeller
Working Humidity ≥95%RH
IP IP65(without ventilator)
IP54(with ventilator)
Other /