JINPAT deliver an important speech at the Intelligent Robotics Perception and Control Industry Application

On September 23, 2023, the Intelligent Robotics Perception and Control Industry Application Conference was successfully held. Intelligent robot control is a key area for enhancing technological innovation capabilities and is also a strategically important emerging industry. JINPAT, as a distinguished representative of enterprises, was invited to attend this conference and delivered an important keynote speech on the application of JINPAT slip rings in the field of intelligent robot perception and control. This keynote speech focused on the crucial role of JINPAT slip ring technology in the field of intelligent robots and provided an in-depth analysis of the industry’s future development trends and challenges.

Slip rings, as a key technology, play a vital role in robots and automation systems,enabling reliable transmission of power and data signals. During the speech, JINPAT elaborated on the diverse application scenarios of JINPAT slip rings in the field of robotics, including light and heavy-duty operations, medical surgery,medical diagnostics, healthcare and rehabilitation, medical aesthetics, service robots, educational robots, and military robots. They also shared their extensive experience and successful cases in slip ring technology.Additionally, JINPAT reviewed the company’s development history, stating that over the years, they have engaged in various collaborations in the field of robotics. They have sponsored slip rings for Robomaster and the ABU Robocon Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest for five consecutive years,injecting new energy into robotics research.

During the conference, JINPAT extensively discussed the development trends in the robotics industry, including the emergence of fourth-generation and fifth-generation robots, as well as the widespread application of artificial intelligence and large-scale AI models in the field of robotics. The challenges brought about by emerging industries require higher levels of perception and control technology, and JINPAT slip rings will play a crucial role as essential transmission components in robotics.

JINPAT will continue to keep pace with the development of robotics perception and control technology and be prepared to seize opportunities and address challenges. They will further innovate in slip rings in areas such as electronic integration, materials research, and automation production to meet the needs of the robotics industry. JINPAT looks forward to collaborating with customers from around the world to drive continuous advancement and development in robotics technology.