JINPAT New Carbon Brush Slip Rings

As a renowned brand in the international field of slip rings, JINPAT specializes in customizing carbon brush slip rings to meet the diverse equipment requirements of its customers. Among the largest annual production of carbon brush slip ring types offered by JINPAT are those designed for offshore crane applications, quay crane drum applications,heavy-duty port crane operations, large-scale mining machinery, specialized explosion-proof equipment, suspension-type electric propulsion systems, and rotating restaurant stage applications. Within this range, some models are solely focused on power transmission capabilities, while others incorporate gas, liquid, and fiber optic slip rings, as well as optoelectronic signal modules, making them multifunctional products.

As a pioneer in the slip ring industry, JINPAT manufactures dozens of large carbon brush slip rings each year. Recently, they have introduced several new customized carbon brush slip ring models. Let’s take a closer look at these products.

First, we have a pure power transmission ring designed for offshore cranes, bearing the product model LPA000-09800-03200-01PE.This product integrates 9 channels of 800A and 3 channels of 200A current,along with 1 grounding channel. The voltage for the 800A and grounding lines is 380VAC, while the 200A section operates at 250VAC. What sets this product apart is its unique rotor placement below the slip ring, a departure from the typical configuration where most carbon brush slip rings have their rotors installed either facing up or in a horizontal orientation.

Another latest model from JINPAT is the LPT000-06160-0350-0420-01PE-08FO. This product employs a traditional stacked structure with an outer diameter of only 300mm, placing it outside the category of high-current slip rings. It represents a quintessential optoelectronic signal integrated carbon brush slip ring. The electrical slip ring section consists of 6 channels of 160A, 3 channels of 50A, 4 channels of 20A, and 1 grounding channel. Additionally, it features an 8-channel single-mode fiber optic slip ring capable of transmitting data over considerable distances. The160A current channel in this slip ring operates at an impressive voltage of 3300VAC, allowing for lossless power transmission over extended distances.